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Monolit 28


Monolit slug line is designed for hunting in overgrown areas where increased stability and resistance against obstacles is necessary. Self-stabilizing design of the slug ensures penetration of obstacles without deviation from initial trajectory. Solid steel main body with sharp edges overcomes obstacles without deformation and ensures deep penetration in the target, most important for big and dangerous game hunting.

Technical data:

Slug weight: 28.4 g  / 440 gr / 1 oz
Muzzle velocity: 445 m/s / 1460 fps
Muzzle energy: 2810 / 2070 fp

High precision

Reduced ricochet possibility

Deep penetration


  • Non-toxic steel and polyethylene construction

  • Solid steel construction for deep penetration to reach vital organs

  • Flat ogive for maximum energy transfer

  • Waisted slug body provides aerodynamic self-stabilization

  • Polyethylene bearing surfaces reduce bore friction

  • Suitable for both smoothbore and rifled barrels

  • Safe for all chokes

  • Excellent penetration in heavy brush

  • Reduced possibility of ricochets

  • No lead or plastic fouling



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