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Super Target


Technical data:


Slug weight: 25.0 g / 385 gr / ⅞ oz

Muzzle velocity: 330 m/s 1080 fps

Muzzle energy: 1360 J / 1000 fp

Unique precision

Solid one-piece body

Low recoil

Suitable for running wildboar competition


Unique steel slug ammunition, designed for competition shooting on paper targets. Super Target load with lead-free projectile is adjusted for use in competition shooting in 50 m distance as well as moving target competitions in 35 m distance. High precision and excellent consistency are the main characteristics of Super Target competition slug load.


  • Reduced recoil for comfortable shooting

  • Suitable for competition shooting – 50 m standing target and 35 m „running wildboar” competitions.

  • Slugs specially centered body and rigid material ensure high precision

  • Minimal friction in the bore

  • Lead free – no environment pollution with lead, no fouling in the bore, no small toxic particles.

  • For target shooting only

  • Attention - Do not use on steel targets or in shooting ranges with steel bullet traps!
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